IMG_0584Can you imagine a safe, prosperous future where our children can live in healthy walk able socially connected communities, in high quality non-toxic environments free of fear of out of control climate change? Can you imagine a future where our buildings are part of restoring natural systems rather than destroying them?

Yes? Then join us to help create solutions and tools to make this a reality! Become part of a global action network that can bring about transformative change. Buildings are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions in Europe and represent the most cost effective way to tackle climate change.

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Benefits of Membership

You will be joining an international community of over 100 Green Building Councils with tens of thousands of the most progressive organisations across the globe working together to bring about local and global change.

The Irish Green Building Council, a non-profit organisation established in 2011, is helping Ireland build capacity to transform the Irish industry to sustainable practice through education, policy creation and provision of tools to measure and accelerate progress.

All of our members, from individuals to organisations including universities, professional institutes, NGOs, local authorities, contractors, architects, engineers, energy companies, leading national and transnational companies, are united in their mission to accelerate Ireland’s transformation to a sustainable built environment.

Of course in addition to helping transform  the industry there are clear benefits to membership that will help grow your business.

  • Get fantastic discounts on LEED, BREEAM and IGBC CPD education
  • Get large discounts on conferences and exhibition space
  • Be seen  as a progressive company which is part of a global movement working towards change
  • Get monthly news updates from IGBC on things that impact your organisation

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