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CASEA KlimaFeinPutz KFP Breathable Fine Finishing Plaster

CASEA Klimafeinputz KFP is a special white, mineral fine plaster CS I – according to EN 998-1, suitable for indoor use. KFP can be applied onto all common base coats such as; lime-cement, cement, gypsum, gypsum-lime, gypsum-lime-clay and clay plastering renders, as well as onto plaster boards. The product’s special composition, consisting of clay, fine white lime, fractional sands, marble powder and CASUL® white pigment, allows the product to breathe and provides high level of protection against micro-organism growth. It also permits constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment.

EPD Type:
Generic industry EPD
Registration date:
29 November 2019
Valid until:
28 November 2024
EPD Publisher:
IBU - Germany
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Smet Building Products Limited
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Joris Smet
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