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CASEA Casuplast 1200 – Light Weight One Coat Projection Plaster

Gypsum binder in accordance with /DIN EN 13279-1/ is the base product for industrial manufacturing of various gypsum plasters but also for all prefabricated elements made of gypsum. It is extracted through calcination of calcium sulphate dihydrate (CaSO4 2 H2O) and comprises calcium sulphate in its various hydrate phases, e.g. hemi-hydrate (CaSO4 ½ H2O) and anhydrite (CaSO4). Gypsum binder is a bindable material ground to powder whose curing process is triggered by the addition of water. This can be carried out at the construction site (gypsum plaster, gypsum filler and gypsum-based adhesive) or in the plant within the framework of production of prefabricated elements.
Gypsum binder forms the basis for manufacturing gypsum plaster (for automatic or manual plastering), gypsum filler material and gypsum-based adhesives as well as for model plaster, stucco and fixing plaster.

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Generic industry EPD
Registration date:
4 April 2022
Valid until:
3 April 2027
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IBU - Germany
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