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baseTherm Bound EPS ballasting (BEPS) floor insulation

This EPD is for baseTherm’s bound EPS ballasting floor insulation:

  • baseTherm® Low Lambda
  • baseTherm® 150
  • baseTherm® 200
  • baseTherm® 250

The bound EPS ballasting provides a firm insulating floor surface. It is manufactured in accordance with I.S.EN 16025-1:2013, “Thermal and/or sound insulating products in building construction. Bound EPS ballasting requirements for factory premixed EPS dry plaster”. The intended use of the bound EPS ballasting is in domestic and commercial construction as a bound EPS ballasting floor insulation, providing the dual functions of insulation and a solid floor bearing surface.

EPD Type:
Product specific EPD
Registration date:
31 August 2022
Valid until:
31 August 2027
EPD Publisher:
EPD Ireland

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Smet Building Products Limited
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Joris Smet
93A Belfast Road, Newry BT34 1QH, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom