With the aim of transforming the Irish construction and property sector into a global leader in quality and sustainability, we are engaged in a number of IGBC projects.  Working in partnership with our network of over 90 member organisations the IGBC is currently undertaking a number of ground breaking projects crucial to transitioning Ireland to a sustainable built environment.

Home Performance Index IGBC Projects

The Home Performance Index is Ireland’s first national voluntary certification system for quality and sustainable residential developments. A HPI certificate provides home buyers with assurance that their homes have been designed and constructed with care to ensure low running costs, enhance occupant wellbeing and minimise environmental impact

IGBC projects

The Build Upon project works in conjunction with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) to build a community of experts and stakeholders to develop the v2.0 national renovation strategy Ireland required under the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Construction Worker Skills Register

The Construction Workers Skills Register encourages engagement in training and skills development in the area of low energy, quality building for construction workers.  This register is an important outcome of the now completed QualiBuild project.

IGBC Projects

The EPD Ireland project (Environmental Products Declaration) will allow suppliers and manufacturers to develop and upload their 3rd party verified EPD on a national platform.  The project will involve the development of the National Methodology for preparing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in line with EN15804 so that these are recognised across Europe.