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Sopro VBK 691 – LVT Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

Solvent-free, dispersion-based products comprise organic binding agents based on synthetic and/or natural resins, mineral fillers such as chalk as well as water and smaller volumes of auxiliaries (thickening agents, defoaming agents, surface-active agents, preservatives etc.). They dry physically through evaporation of the water contained therein. They comply with manifold, often specific, tasks in the construction, furnishing and repair of buildings. Using dispersion-based products decisively improves the fitness for use of structures and extends their life expectancy. The product displaying the highest environmental impacts within the class of dispersion-based products considered was used as a representative product for calculating the Life Cycle Assessment results (worst case-approach).

EPD Type:
Generic industry EPD
Registration date:
29 August 2022
Valid until:
28 August 2027
EPD Publisher:
IBU - Germany
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Smet Building Products Limited
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Joris Smet
93A Belfast Road, Newry BT34 1QH, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom