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Reflective Breathable Membrane | ECHOFOIL EXO

This EPD is for Partel’s ECHOFOIL EXO Reflective breathable membrane. The raw materials are mainly BOPP metalised film, PP granulate and a non-woven or scrim layer, with a small amount of ink printed on one side to ensure correct installation.

ECHOFOIL EXO membrane has a very low emissivity of 0.05 which improves thermal comfort while also enhancing the airtightness in any type of building. Its application is for external use and can be installed in roof and wall applications to protect the structure of the building envelope. The function of the membrane is to act an a reflector to reflect heat back into the building while also acting as a wind-tight and water-tight membrane.

Full technical details on these products can be found at: https://www.partel.ie/product/echofoil-exo-reflective-breathable-membrane/

EPD Type:
Product specific EPD
Registration date:
18 July 2022
Valid until:
18 July 2027
EPD Publisher:
EPD Ireland

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