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Breathable Monolithic Membranes | EXOPERM MONO 150, EXOPERM MONO SA 250

This EPD is for Partel’s EXOPERM MONO 150 breathable Monolithic membrane, and EXOPERM MONO SA 250 (self-adhesive) breathable Monolithic membrane. The raw materials are predominantly polyester elastomer bonded to a non-woven or scrim, with a small amount of ink printing on the surface, to ensure correct installation, and adhesive (in the case of the EXOPERM MONO SA 250 self-adhesive product).

EXOPERM MONO 150 provides the building structures with superb protection and yet providing high breathability with an SD value of 0.07m. It’s Monolithic TPE layer creates a complete wind tight, waterproof, breathable membrane that actively expels any water or humidity

EXOPERM MONO SA 250 is an advanced vapour permeable self-adhesive membrane developed based on proven Monolithic Technology. It provides an air and vapour barrier with excellent adhesion for the roof, wall and floor applications. The integrated self-adhesive technology ensures membrane performance, without impacting its breathability function, facilitating primerless, continuous air and windtight connections that withstand damp conditions, without requiring fixings.

EPD Type:
Generic industry EPD
Registration date:
18 July 2022
Valid until:
18 July 2027
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EPD Ireland

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