Zero Carbon Building

This provides resources on Zero Carbon buildings. This goes beyond the European NZEB standard to define how buildings both new and in use can move to a  zero-carbon standard across their full life cycle. The resources will include webinars and reading materials. For more information see also World GBC Advancing Net Zero.

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Zero Carbon Building

Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront

In this video animation, WGBC explains what embodied carbon is, the importance of addressing it, and the key actions being called for to address it. More info here.

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WorldGBC Europe: Masterclass on net zero buildings commitments – why, what and how?

Over 80 leading cities, states and organisations have signed the WorldGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment to date.

In this masterclass, you will find out why committing is so powerful and so important and you’ll hear unique insights into how to deliver net zero carbon buildings in practice.

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Advancing Net Zero | Mail Course

This Course Mail Series is delivered in four easy-to-read emails. You will receive one each week after you sign up. Once you receive the emails you can read the information when and where it suits you.

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Case Studies

WorldGBC Online Case Study Library

Here you can find examples of the world’s most cutting edge sustainable buildings.

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Case studies on Energy Positive buildings: Powerhouse (Norway)

A Powerhouse building generates more energy than it consumes.

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