Sustainable communities

Here you can find learning materials for everything related to designing low carbon, healthy biodiverse, and climate resilient communities. This includes best practice planning for non car dependent communities, designing for density, reducing flood risk, integrating biodiversity into a planned or existing development. The content includes, webinars, reading materials and other resources. We will continually add materials as these come available so check back again soon if you cannot find what you want.

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Biodiversity and the Built Environment - An Introduction

This webinar explores the links between the construction and built environment sectors and the five main sources of biodiversity loss.

Presentation slides:

IGBC Presentation

SCSI Presentation

Protecting Biodiversity The role of engineers: Issue paper

Biodiversity and Real Estate

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Biodiversity and the Built Environment - Climate resilience

The webinar explores the role of nature-based solutions in enhancing resilience and in improving people’s health and wellbeing.


Naturebased solutions – Marcus Collier’s presentation

Francesco Pilla – Smart Green Roofs

Nature Based solutions and Sustainable
Urban Drainage in housing developments – Hans Visser’s

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Biodiversity and the Built Environment - New Builds and Major Renovations

The webinar looks at the strategies that can be implemented to deliver the homes and infrastructures we need while tackling biodiversity loss.


Michael Goan – Biodiversity in the LDA Developments

Susan Vickers – Cluid Biodiversity Strategy

Ricky Whelan – Developing a Strategy for Biodiversity

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Biodiversity and the Built Environment - Buildings in Use

The greenest building is often the one that already exists. This webinar explores how biodiversity can be enhanced in existing commercial and residential buildings across Ireland.


Tony Williams – Including Nature and Biodiversity in the design, construction and management of our urban (and rural) areas.

Paul Giles – Biodiversity in the Built Environment (Existing Buildings)

Dr Úna FitzPatrick – Enhancing biodiversity in existing homes

Wildlife in Buildings: Linking our Built and Natural Heritage

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Biodiversity and the Built Environment-Building Materials and Construction and Demolition Waste

Although most of the focus to date has been on enhancing biodiversity on site, raw materials extraction and the production of construction materials impact biodiversity further afield. The last webinar of the series looks at “embodied biodiversity loss” and how it can be addressed through practical examples.


Gregory Nolan’s Presentation

Carolyn Jewell’s Presentation


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Designing for ecological enhancement

Will Woodrow, Woodrow Sustainable Solutions

How do we positively enhance new residential development to have a positive ecological impact. What needs to be considered? What are the options and what does best practice look like?

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Nature & Biodiversity | Course Mail

This Course Mail will introduce the importance of restoring nature and biodiversity in the built environment, not just for the intrinsic value but in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change, promote the health and wellbeing of people and create long lasting socio-economic value.

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Regeneration - Liveable Zero Carbon Places

Explore the role of regeneration in creating positive energy districts and recreating healthy walkable neighbourhoods. Speakers: Brent Toderian, TODERIAN UrbanWORKS Kaisa-Reeta Koskinen, Carbon Neutral Helsinki, John Moran, LDA and Rosie Webb, LCC

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A Vision for Multifamily in Ireland

The need for a variety of housing types including higher density developments may become a component in solving our current housing crisis. This webinar takes a close look at multifamily buildings to consider how such developments could provide increased access to communal sustainable forms of transport and create more sustainable communities. Speakers include: Global Apartment Advisors, Niall Montgomery & Partners Landscape & Architecture, Zipp Mobility, Lioncor and Urban Agency Architects

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Social Value

Delivering Social Value: Measurement

The measurement of social value in the built environment is a rapidly evolving area of practice. It has become a vital part of communicating and committing to social value creation across the development lifecycle. This document is designed to demystify the practice of measuring the social value of buildings and places.