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This EPD is for Breedon Roof Tiles precast concrete roof tiles. The results presented in this EPD are the results for the four types of precast concrete roof tiles manufactured by Breedon in 2021: Flat Tile, Square Top Tile, Elite Tile, Ridge Tiles.

The raw materials for the tiles are cements, aggregates, admixtures, pigments and paints. In addition, consumables are also modelled and cover: mould oil, mould trays and packaging (wood pallets, shrinkrwap and plastic banding). The roof tiles are manufactured in accordance with the following standard: E.N. 490: 2005 Concrete Roofing Tiles & Fittings. Full details on the concrete roof tile products can be found at: https://www.breedonrooftiles.co.uk/downloads/

EPD Type:
Product specific EPD
Registration date:
8 February 2023
Valid until:
7 February 2027
EPD Publisher:
EPD Ireland

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Breedon Roof Tiles
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Brian Reynolds
11 Sheepwalk Road, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom