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This includes resources on the Circular Economy, Life cycle assessment, embodied carbon and waste reduction.

It also includes the EU Level(s) framework for sustainable construction.

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Life Cycle Assessment & Embodied Carbon

Embodied carbon, Life Cycle Assessment, and EPDs

Cathal Heneghan, Meehan Green

What is Life Cycle assessment and why is it important? When designing low carbon homes and buildings and how can embodied carbon be optimised and reduced? What are EPDs and where can I find them?

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One Click LCA Webinars

One Click LCA is a one stop Carbon and Life-cycle Metrics Softwar, made for construction.
Join upcoming live webinars or watch recorded ones on their website.

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Planetary Training Series

These 5 videos explain how to use One Click LCA Planetary, a free embodied carbon tool by Bionova.

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Cross Laminated Timber

This NUI Galway’s website section provides a list of CLT manufacturers and suppliers, approved for use with European Technical Approvals (ETAs) along with informative articles and CLT design tools.

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GreenSpec: Green building design & products for sustainable construction

GreenSpec is the foremost ‘Green Building’ resource in the UK.  Independent of companies and trade bodies and launched in 2003 with government funding, GreenSpec promotes sustainable building products, materials and construction techniques.

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Carbon Smart Materials Palette

Developed by Architecture 2030, with support from members of the Embodied Carbon Network (ECN), the Carbon Smart Materials Palette provides attribute-based design and material specification guidance for immediately impactful, globally applicable and scalable embodied carbon reductions in the built environment.

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Towards a Fully Decarbonised Built Environment

To reach carbon neutrality, we must address embodied carbon. What would it take to embed whole life carbon thinking in the design of our buildings? Watch this IGBC’s 2-minutes video. {Supported by EPA Reasearch}

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Building Circularity

Developing Circular Economy concepts for buildings

Is circularity measurable? What are the key concepts to be considered when designing a building? In London circularity statements are required on larger developments at planning stage. How can these be prepared and what are the key things about designing to ensure zero waste and reuse of all components?

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Introducing the EU Green Deal and the Circular Economy

How is the European policy moving beyond energy efficiency to total carbon reduction and resource efficiency? How is the EU Framework Level(s) charting a course to Life Cycle Assessment and circularity?

This introductory webinar is delivered in partnership with CITA, CIOB and GMIT

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Circular Cities

The transition to a circular economy is not possible without coordinated, coherent action by multiple different stakeholders groups in the existing linear economy. Drawing on recent research from the EU Horizon 2020 CIRCuIT project, as well as expertise and experience from London and Finland, this webinar will explore essential practices and enablers for achieving a circular economy through decision-making by key actors within cities.

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Reusing Materials -Buildings as Material Banks

What role can material exchange platforms play in ensuring that materials go into closed loops of reuse. How can we know that reused materials are fit for use and how do we track or source these materials? Materials Exchange provides a dating site for reused materials allowing them to be tracked through blockchain and made available across sectors providing information on ingredients and standards. How can the platform transform a mere building into a ‘Building As a Material Bank’? Can this approach work in Ireland?



Construcion: the Circular Revolution

This TED Talk is an introduction to Circular Economy in the construction sector by David Cheshire.

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WorldGBC Europe Webinar: Circular Economy

The European Commission launched its ambitious Circular Economy Action Plan. But what does this mean for the built environment? How can our sector achieve both circularity and net zero carbon?

Regenerate: circular economy tool

Regenerate is a circular economy engagement tool for all those involved in the design and construction of buildings. It can be applied to all building types, retrofits and new builds.

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EPA Circularity Factsheets

These guidelines help embed sustainability for SMEs in the construction industry. The topics are water management and reduction opportunities during construction, waste management and reduction opportunities during construction, energy reduction opportunities and 2 case studies.

Reuse of building elements: will it soon be the norm in Europe?

Reusing building materials is common sense. But is it feasible? How can we make it happen? This 3-minute video gives an insight into the construction industry’s waste problem and to encourage more reuse amongst construction professionals (FCRBE Projet Interreg North-West Europe, July 2020)

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Minimising waste on site

Stuart Blofeld, BRE

What is best practice in waste management on site? What should be considered? How to develop a waste management plan? How best to implement the strategy on site? What tools are available?

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Whole Life Carbon and Circularity in Construction

Introduction to Whole Life Carbon and LCA

What is Building Whole life carbon, Embodied Carbon and Life cycle assessment (LCA) Why is it important? How is it done. What tools can I use? What data should I use? Where can I get further training?

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Life Cycle Assessment for Investors

Case study on whole life carbon. Why should investors and developers consider embodied carbon and whole life carbon assessment? What are the challenges? What are the opportunities?

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Environmental Product Declaration for manufactures and suppliers

What are EPD? Why do I need one? When does a product need an EPD or when is it a subset of a Building LCA?  How do I use one? Can I get help in developing an LCA and how are they developed?

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How to compare data in EPD

The data in EPD is complex and difficult to compare side by side. How can the EC3 tool help compare data in the EPD?

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