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Ecocem is a (latent) hydraulic binder produced by grinding granulated blast furnace slag (GBS). After grinding it becomes GGBS that conforms with the EN 15167 standard. This product is called “Ecocem”. Ecocem is an “intermediate” product, i.e. a constituent for the production of concrete, as well as mortar, masonry mortar, and other cementitous-bound materials. Concrete producers determine the proportions of binders used (ordinary cement and Ecocem), so they are able to apply the optimal mix. This means that the use of Ecocem will vary with the intended application and requirements of the final concrete product. 

 Besides producing Ecocem (GGBS), Ecocem Ireland also produses two different mixes of Ecocem and Portland cement. Ecocem CEM III/A contains up to 65% GGBS. Ecocem CEM III/C contains up to 95% GGBS. 

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Product specific EPD
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31 January 2019
Valid until:
31 January 2024
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EPD Ireland
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Chris Foster

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