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TL5 Access Floor Panels

The TL5 panel is based on a 600mm-square module made of a high-performance high-density 25-mm particle chipboard core in a galvanised steel outer. The galvanised-steel shell comprises a top sheet that is wrapped around and laminated to the core, then mechanically-stitched to the bottom steel sheet for greater strength and to provide full electrical continuity and static dispersion of the system where required. This unique wraparound construction makes panel removal and replacement easy whilst also improving panel edge strength. The TL5 panel is engineered to fine dimensional tolerances for modular control and its screw down holes and corner locking to the pedestal head result in rock-free stability. Its slim design of only 26mm provides maximum usable space where void height is restricted but still achieves a medium grade rating: the TL5 is capable of handling an ultimate load of more than 10kN.

EPD Type:
Product specific EPD
Registration date:
29 March 2021
Valid until:
28 March 2026
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International EPD
EPD Verifier:
Ugo Pretato

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Debra Smith
Edi House, Kylemore Park W, Kylemore, Dublin 10, D10 KH30, , Dublin, Ireland