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This EPD is carried out for Mannok Roof Tiles (6 different products; Devenish, Half round ridge, Locherne, Rathmore, Universal angle ridge, Western). The process description is the same for all roof tile varieties. The constituent raw materials of the tile comprise water, sands, cement (CEM I), admixture (superplasticiser), pigments and paint. These materials are used in the full range of products. Additionally, the roof ridge tiles also use an efflorescence suppressor, not used in the roof tiles. The roof tiles and ridge tiles are used in roofing in domestic and commercial housing. Quinn concrete roofing tiles are manufactured to BS EN 490 – Concrete roofing tiles and fittings – Product Specifications.

EPD Type:
Product specific EPD
Registration date:
9 November 2018
Valid until:
9 November 2023
EPD Publisher:
EPD Ireland
EPD Verifier:
Chris Foster

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Jason Martin
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