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Passiv PVC Double Glazed Window

The Passiv PVC window products are Munster Joinery’s high thermal performance windows. This performance has enabled Munster Joinery to be the fi rst Irish manufacturer to have their products  certifi ed as Passive House suitable by the Passiv House Institute in Germany .

(https://database.passivehouse.com/en/components/ details/window/448). Munster Joinery has developed windows which are manufactured to high standards, and are very cost-effective. The Passiv PVC windows cover a range of different sizes and shapes of windows. The LCA has been executed based on a Double-glazed 1230 mm x 1480 mm window, with a thermal performance of U window = 1.2 W/m2K, U glass = 1.2 W/m2K and a life expectancy of 50 years. After which the results have been scaled back to a functional unit of 1m².

EPD Type:
Product specific EPD
Registration date:
17 May 2018
Valid until:
17 May 2023
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EPD Ireland
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Niels Jonkers

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Munster Joinery
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Gemma Ring
Lacka Cross, , Ballydesmond, Cork, Ireland