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The SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G comprises of cross oriented layers of flakes of selected softwood timber bonded with synthetic resins and waxes. SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of I.S. EN 300:2006 Oriented Strand Panels (OSB) – Defi –

nitions, classifi cation and specifications.

SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G is a strong, versatile board suitable for structural use in humid conditions (serviceClass 1 and 2), . Uses include flooring, roofing, walling, timber-frame sheathing, temporary works and external hoarding. The average density of the SMARTPLY OSB3 panel is 600 kg/m³. Manufactured to the same exacting standards as SMARTPLY OSB3 but with the addition of tongue and grooved edges.

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Product specific EPD
Registration date:
17 May 2018
Valid until:
17 May 2023
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EPD Ireland
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Dr Tom Oldfield

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