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GUTEX Woodfibre Insulation Boards

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GUTEX wood fibre insulating boards are board-shaped wood-based materials manufactured from wood fibres in accordance with /DIN EN 13171/. By adding low quantities of PUR resin, insulating boards are manufactured from wood fibres in a dry process. They are then cut online, and profiled and finished where necessary. Water-repellent and non-water-repellent single-layer insulation panels can be manufactured to a thickness of 240 mm. Directive (EU) No.305/2011 dated 9 March 2011 applies for placing the product on the market in the EU/EFTA (with the exception of Switzerland). The products require a Declaration of Performance taking consideration of the /DIN EN 13171/ (“Thermal insulation products for buildings -Factory-made wood fibre (WF) products – Specification”), and CE marking.The respective national guidelines apply for use; in Germany, these are /DIN 4108-10/ (“Thermal insulation an energy economy in buildings – Part 10: Application-related requirements for thermal insulation materials – Factory-made products”), /DIN EN 14964/ (“Rigid underlays for discontinuous roofing – Definitions and characteristics”) and the General Technical Approval: /Z-23.15-1404/ of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin.

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Product specific EPD
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30 October 2020
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8 October 2025
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IBU - Germany
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Ecological Building Systems
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