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Dulux Trade Metalshield Satin

Metalshield Satin from Dulux Trade is specially formulated with a quick drying formulation that can be ver coated within 4-6 hours. It provides protection against corrosion on metal substrates such as railings, garage doors, lift shafts, staircases and emergency exit routes.
*Applying our straightforward single-pack system: an appropriate Metalshield primer from Dulux Trade and 2 coats of Metalshield Satin from Dulux Trade will deliver up to 8 years metal protection.

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Product specific EPD
Registration date:
11 November 2022
Valid until:
11 November 2027
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MRPI - The Netherlands

Company Information

Dulux Paints Ireland
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William Roberts
Emmet House, Maidenhill Kells Rd, Ireland, Ireland