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Daemstatt Cellulose fibre insulation

This EPD is a core EPD for the European market. Covering the environmental impacts of the loose fill cellulose insulation products over the complete lifecycle from ‘Cradle to grave’ The LCA is carried out by Agrodome, [avniR] by cd2e and WeLOOP, based on the process and production data provided by 14 participating cellulose insulation producing companies, all members of the European Cellulose Insulation Association (ECIA).

Product Description

The loose fill cellulose insulation products are made from recycled newspaper with additives of inorganic flame retardant minerals. This insulation material is used for thermal and acoustical insulation of buildings. It is used to insulate walls, roofs, attics and mezzanine floors.

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Generic industry EPD
Registration date:
1 January 2019
Valid until:
1 January 2024
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Ecological Building Systems
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Niall Crosson
main st, athboy, co meath, Ireland