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Concept Patio 68 Sliding door

This EPD covers two-vent Concept Patio® 68 sliding aluminium doors. These EPD results have been calculated from a modelling tool developed by thinkstep via an i-report in GaBi 6. Among the Concept Patio® 68 sliding doors, two representative products have been selected and corresponding EPD results have been calculated based on specific bill of materials. These two products refer to double glazing doors. The results generated by this EPD-data software can be considered as a good proxy to model the doors designed by Reynaers and fabricated by their European distributors.

EPD Type:
Product specific EPD
Registration date:
1 December 2017
Valid until:
30 November 2022
EPD Publisher:
European Aluminium

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Reynaers Aluminium
Contact Name
Helen Meade
Reynaers Ltd., Fairfield, Wexford, Ireland