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CASEA Mineral pre-made mortar: rendering mortar – Reinforcement Fibre Plaster

Mineral pre-made mortars are mortars whose constituent substances are mixed at the factory and not at the construction site. According to how the mortar is being used, it can be categorised into three types of pre-made mortar: masonry mortar, rendering mortar, and screed material. Mineral rendering mortars are mixtures of one or more mineral binders, aggregates, water, and additions or admixtures, if necessary, for the production of external render or internal plaster. Rendering mortars are applied to walls and ceilings in one or more layers as required. In addition to the aesthetic design of the surface, they are used as an external render for guarding against the effects of the weather and as internal plasters for providing an even substrate when applying paint coats or wallpaper. In the case of reinforced-concrete ceilings and stairs, renders are also used for fire protection, as well as for thermal protection with the addition of porous aggregates. Depending on the technical data, the base materials and processing aids used, and the practical application, rendering mortars can be categorised in the product groups of normal/finishing render, normal/finishing render with special properties, lightweight render, Reinforcement Fibre Plaster, and insulating render with an especially high proportion of lightweight aggregates.

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Generic industry EPD
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7 February 2014
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6 February 2019
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IBU - Germany
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